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Recommended for the individual ready to take the first step in finding the style folio that aligns with your style and how you show up in the world.

The assessment with the Fascinating Style Folio Explorer only takes 15-20 minutes. Based on your self-reporting, you’ll receive an online Style Folio that most aligns with you and your aesthetic with “in a nutshell” observations and field notes on personality, essence, style archetypes, and what style expression is for you.

Engage the insights shared in the style folio as a starting point for exploring your personality and the foundational connection it has to your aesthetic and style expression. You can begin to see how you can manage your fascinating aesthetic and style expression internally and externally — and expand into every area of life, whether dressing your desire, developing an individual style, intentionally crafting a personal brand style, creating exceptional and original work, or decorating your home and creative workspace.